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However you found yourself here, we know it’s with good intention. You want something different in education. So do we. That why we started the RethinkingEDU podcast in the spring of 2020. In our 50 episodes we’ve worked to amplify the voices of individuals working to make change in our beloved sector. And our work hasn’t stopped. We’ve launched a student-voice centered pod called PodStoriesEDU, spun off a deep conversation pod called DivingDeepEDU, created a pathway coaching pod and consultancy for prospective EdD students, added a Patreon exclusive podcast talkback called the Think Tank, and continue innovate around what school could be. We’re positive that more is to come.

We started this newsletter as a semi-monthly insight into some of the pertinent issues facing schools, teachers, students, and education more broadly. We hope to continue to grow our audience and the conversation around what’s possible in education. We see the teacher burnout, the student disengagement, and the disruption (both positive and negative!) that’s happening around the country. We are positioning ourselves to be part of that conversation.

We hope you will follow along, and share with your friends.

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Exploring and envisioning what education could be.


Exploring and envisioning what education could be.